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PoliceRP Rules
This is a semi-serious server
PLEASE Follow this MOTD!

LAST UPDATED {5/24/2020}


  • Need help? Use "@ {report}". Abusing/Spamming will result in a punishment, so please be patient.
  • Loopholing any rules is strictly prohibited. This will result in a ban.
  • In every situation, staff members have the final say. If there’s a problem we have a forum and report channel on discord.
  • Rules can and will change over time. If you have a problem with a rule DM the Server Director on discord.
New! (Stays for 24 hours)
  1. Rules will only be added every Thursday.
  2. You may NOT pull away from a traffic stop (making a pursuit) without a valid reason. Meaningless pursuit is now against the rules.
(A.) General Rules-
  1. Flame/Disrespect will not be tolerated. (Player Disrespect) Unless in roleplay.
  2. You cannot go into a police scene unless you have an RP reason.
  3. You may not just shoot and have guns out whenever you want in public.
    1. You need a reason to have a gun out.
    2. PD and SWAT may have guns out.
  4. Spam in any way, shape, or form is prohibited. (Microphone/Chat/Prop)
  5. You cannot use props to assist movements such as Prop Surfing or Prop Climbing.
  6. Do not abuse any glitches or exploits, instead report it to a staff member.
  7. Advertisement is strictly prohibited unless given permission from a Server Director+.
  8. A threat that can impose harm on the server is bannable. (Ex. DDoS Threats)
  9. Random Death Match or RDM is prohibited.
    1. Crossfire is not RDM. Unless more than one person is killed.
    2. Revenge RDM is not allowed.
    3. Car Deathmatch is prohibited. You must make an attempt to stop, as well as, not swerve/hit someone on the sidewalk.
  10. Random Arrest or RDA is prohibited.
  11. Racism is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
    1. Any form of the N-Word is prohibited, even in RP
  12. Interfering with a roleplay situation you aren’t supposed to be involved with is prohibited.
  13. Scamming is prohibited. (Selling weapons and more)
  14. Selling in-game currency for currency is prohibited.
  15. NSFW, malware, and a material like it are prohibited.
  16. Any attempts in crashing the server are prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  17. Chain binds are prohibited. (Ex. (Raid/Mug/Bank Robbery/PD Raid/Casino Raid/ Store Robbery)
  18. Any type of hack/script is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  19. Minging is prohibited. Minging is trolling and not roleplaying.
  20. Breaking your roleplay job would be considered FailRP and is not tolerated.
  21. If you are being pulled over, you may not just get out and kill the cop.
  22. Leaving To Avoid Punishment (LTAP) will result in a worse punishment.
  23. Out-Of-Character (OOC) and seeing things through walls is not in Roleplay and cannot be considered in Roleplay.
  24. Altering text screens in front of any government building is prohibited.
  25. Use common sense.
  26. You can not Raid a Hobo Base.
  27. You can not weld Radio's to any vehicle. (Its FailRP)
  28. You can not walk into PD with a radio, To Minge or annoy Officers.
  29. Walking into SWAT HQ is AOS/KOS.
  30. You can not build a nightclub on the sidewalk without staff high command permission.
  31. Staff can stop a protest if it gets out of hand.
  32. You must advert at the same time as your party. (Meaning you can't be across the road when they advert then advert 20 seconds later).
  33. When raiding BANK Or casino, You must take the money and RP (Or try to get out). You can't raid just to kill Cops.
  34. Any offensive custom titles will be removed without refund.
  35. Voice changes and Sound Pads are prohibited.
  36. Any form of spawn killing is prohibited.
  37. You are not allowed to return to your place of death or remember anything from your past life for 5 minutes (New Life Rule [NLR]).
  38. You may not return to an active RP situation that resulted in your death.
  39. You must abide by Fear roleplay, commonly abbreviated 'FearRP', is the concept that your character is afraid to die. (For example If someone has a gun pointed at you you can not just pull out a gun and shoot them)
(B.) Roleplay Rules-
  1. Follow all U.S. Laws.
  2. Only 1 hostage situation can happen at a time.
  3. The Cooldown for Raid/Assist/Kidnap/Carjack applies for the whole party.
  4. Blood or a Crip leader can advert War on each other. (NLR Is still a thing.)
    1. The Blood/Crip war means they kill each other on sight for 10 minutes
    2. Once you die in a gang war, you may not return to it. The war is over for you.
    3. Both party leaders must agree to a gang war in order to initiate one.
  5. Fake 911 calls are prohibited.
  6. Hitmen cannot bank/casino/PD raid.
  7. During PD Meetings, any form of interruption or major crimes (Murder, Kidnap, PD Raid, Gang War, Bank Raid, and Casino Raid) is against the rules.
  8. Citizens cannot own guns other than a pistol.
  9. You may not raid a base with a building sign.
  10. You may not Leave to Avoid RP (LTARP).
  11. Do not use information gained outside of RP in RP. (MetaGame) Things such as OOC, Discord Chats, Wall glitches, etc....
  12. Reckless driving can result in a kick.
  13. No Suicide RP (Killing yourself to avoid roleplay).
  14. You may not build to interfere with others roleplay.
  15. You cannot taze someone who has a firearm out or is shooting. (Tazer Rush)
    1. Before tazing someone you must give some kind of warning giving you a reason to taze. (EX. telling someone to back up multiple times, and they don't obey so you proceed to taze them.
    2. You may only taze someone with a weapon out if the individual is surrounded and outnumbered at gunpoint.
  16. Ramming people with a tow truck is considered FailRP (In certain cases Minge).
  17. There may only be one major crime at a time.
  18. Once battering rammed you may not drive away.
  19. When you tow a vehicle you must advert it and put a vehicle description in the advert.
  20. When SWAT is in a Bearcat they do not have to follow FearRP.
  21. During a President’s Speech, you may not commit a major crime.
  22. You may not cop bait (purposely get governments attention to apprehend you).
  23. Terrorism RP is prohibited.
  24. Miners may not set up there mining operations in the mine.

(C.) GovernmentRP Rules-
  1. All guns are illegal (Except pistols but can’t be out in public).
  2. You may not interrupt any form of training.
  3. Printers, Weed, Meth, Crack, Heroin, and pills are illegal.
  4. Weed may be made legal by the Presidents.
  5. Government officials cannot accept bribes.
  6. PD may set up checkpoints with approval from the Presidents or PD high/low command.
  7. No government (including President) may break Laws.
  8. The President may only declare a lockdown for a valid RP reason.
  9. You cannot break frozen props with a battering ram!

(D.) CoolDowns-
  1. Murder: 10 Minutes
  2. Kidnap: 15 Minutes
  3. Carjack: 5 Minutes (10 if the same vehicle)
  4. PD Raid: 20 Minutes (Server Wide)
  5. Raid: 10 Minutes (30 Minutes if same base)
  6. Assist: 5 Minutes
  7. Gang War: 20 Minutes (Server Wide)
  8. Bank Raid/Casino Raid: 15 Minutes (Server Wide)

(E.) Hobo RP-
  1. Cannot build in a building, nor in the middle of the road.
  2. Can NOT purchase guns or printers.
  3. Can steal things laying out in the open (not vehicles).
(F.) Murder Rules-
  1. You may not murder in public.
    1. The person murdering cannot be in public, not who’s being murdered.
  2. You must be a criminal to murder. (Civilian classes can't kill unless they are defending themselves).
(G.) Kidnaping Rules-
  1. You may only kidnap 1 person at a time (1 person per group/party).
  2. There has to be 4 Police on to kidnap someone (2 Police if less then 12 players!).
  3. You or anyone on your job cannot take more than 1 hostage at a time.
  4. You may hold someone hostage for a maximum of 20 minutes. This may be waived by staff if deemed necessary for RP.
(H.) Mugging Rules-
  1. Mugs can only take up to 25k.
  2. You can only mug every 5 minutes.
    1. If the person gives you the money you cannot kill them.
(I.) Carjacking Rules-
  1. You may not steal Government Vehicles
  2. You may not steal tow trucks.
  3. When carjacking you must advert before getting in/starting to lockpick.
  4. You may only have 1 stolen car at a time.
(J.) Raiding (PD, Houses, Bank, Casino) Rules-
  1. You must be inside the bank/Casino/PD in order to advert Bank/Casino/PD Raid/Assist it
  2. There must be at least 4 law enforcement officials online to do a bank/casino/PD raid (3 while 12 or fewer players are on).
  3. When PD raiding you must have a reason to RP the raid (Eg. no useless PD raids).
(K.) Assisting Rules-
  1. You may only advert assist if you are in the same party as who you are assisting.
  2. You may only assist PD Raids, Raids, Bank/Casino Raids, kidnappings, and carjackings.
  3. You may only advert assist within 15 seconds of the original advert.
(L.) Warning Rules-
  1. When warning people, you must advert “Warn 1” then “Warn 2” then “Warn 3” before you kill them. (3 seconds total)
  2. You may only warn someone if they are harassing you (you cannot walk up to someone and start warning them).
(M.) Countering Rules-
  1. You may not advert counter for Bank Raids/PD Raid/Casino Raids.
  2. You may not counter government raids.
  3. If a member of your party is being arrested then your party may counter the arrest.
    1. Your party may only counter if they are in the immediate area. (At staffs discretion)
    2. Your party may only counter an arrest every 10 minutes.
(N.) Building Rules-
  1. There has to be one VISIBLE entrance to your base.
  2. You cannot build on the roof of any building.
  3. You can prop block entrances AS LONG as there is an alternative entrance.
  4. Do not alter which entrance is blocked.
  5. No crouch bases. (Meaning you have to crouch or jump to get through any part of it).
  6. No blackout basses.
  7. Maximum of 3 fading doors.
  8. You must use a keypad to open fading doors (no hotkeys, buttons, or levers)
  9. No-Collide props are prohibited.
  10. No-kill boxes allowed (A box someone enters, and is shot, even if it has fading doors ).
  11. If you have Fading Doors as windows, they must stay open for 5 seconds at a time.
  12. No fake keypads.
  13. Keypads must be visible and reachable.
  14. You can not build while being raided or raiding.
  15. Do not double up Fading Doors
  16. Do not place a fading door on a world prop door. This is considered Double-Dooring.
  17. You must build/base within map buildings (Eg. do not build a base outdoors).
    1. If you need to build on YOUR property to expand on a situation then you may. BUT an admin can declare what you build out of RP necessary or not.
  18. You cannot base in government buildings including the Bank (This also means do not make drugs or spawn in anything inside them).
  19. No one-way props.
  20. You cannot mass base. Meaning you can only base in a singular room.
    1. If you have 5+ people in a party then you can claim a floor of a building.
    2. This also means you cant claim an area/section of the map.
    3. An Admin also has the ability to declare your base to big or oversized for your party count.
  21. You cannot use radiation to defend a base.
  22. You may not own doors you are not using as part of your base.
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