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OneHitBarrel's Staff Application

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New member
Name: (Forum/Discord/In-Game)
Steam Page Link:


Willing to use your Microphone on a consistent basis?:

Are you active on Forums/Discord? If no, would you be willing? (If no; don't bother applying):

Links to all previous applications for every division:

Are you a former Crix Networks staff member? If yes, what position, for how long, and reason for departure? (If administrative action occurred please provide a link):

Do you agree to uphold all of the responsibilities of a staff member to the fullest?
I do
General Location of Living and Timezone:

South Texas, Central Time
Is English your first language? If not, what is?

Rate your Communication Skills (Please explain):

I speak fluent English and I understand Spanish, but cannot speak it fluently
Have you been previously banned, if so how many times and for what?

Will you use your powers for your own or others benefit?:

No, simply for the server's benefit
Are you biased?:

No, the rules are the rules
Do you enjoy Drama?:

I do not, and therefore love solving it
Describe yourself (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]):

I am a 17 year old high school student and I will be graduating this year with an associates degree. I believe I am positive, confident, and outgoing. A rule I live by is doing everything better than it needs to be done, and I have always thought about being able to do that on a DarkRP server. I have been gaming since as far back as I can remember, and learning about how people act online has taught me a lot. I say now is the time to use what I have learned to make the Crix experience better for everyone.

Why should we trust you? (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]):

I think one of the first things that allows people to trust others is a clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong. This is because people cannot be trusted if they commit wrongful acts due to their lack of understanding of this concept. That being said, experience is one factor of what teaches people what's right and wrong, and I have seen many instances of people committing the wrong act. For example, when a troll joins a server and breaks every rule to ruin the experience for others, they must be dealt with. A more proper example is when a staff member uses their ability to boost their own experience rather than make the server better for others. Experiences like these have shaped my thoughts on being staff on a server and why I have always wanted to be one.

What do you have to offer? (Be descriptive):

Although I have not worked as staff on a server, I have hundreds of hours observing others who have; learning the rules and learning what staff should and should not do.

Recommendations From Administrators (Include proof; Admins must verify on app):

The only recommendation I have from my time on the server is including a clearer description for jobs. For example, if players were told more or less what they would do and were provided with job-specific commands that they must use.
Do you have at least 48 hours of time played (within our servers; please provide a screenshot):

I do not currently have 48 hours on the server
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