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Ansely's Forum/Discord Application

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Forum & Discord Trial Moderator

Forum & Discord Trial Moderator
Name: (Forum/Discord)

Forum Profile Link: https://crixnetworks.com/forums/index.php?members/ansely.118/

Discord Tag :Ansely#6850

Age: 17

Willing to use your Microphone on a consistent basis?: Yea

Are you active on Forums/Discord?: Yea

Links to all previous applications for every division: I don't have any

Are you a former Crix Networks staff member? If yes, what position, for how long, and reason for departure? (If administrative action occurred please provide a link):
I was the Server Director for both Narcos and PRP and I was a head discord admin before it was removed, and also HOS when Con was owner.

Do you agree to uphold all of the responsibilities of a staff member to the fullest?
General Location of Living and Timezone:
Is English your first language? If not, what is?
Rate your Communication Skills (Please explain): My communication skills are what I would say an 8 our of 10 reason for that is because I just have a lot of experience with public speaking since I take a class for it so I have a better chance in getting in the colleges I applied for.

Have you been previously banned or warned, if so how many times and for what?
I do not have any warns and I have not been banned form the discord
Will you use your powers for your own or others benefit?:
Are you biased?:
Do you enjoy Drama?:
No it annoys me and just gets me angry so I just try and avoid it
Describe yourself (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]): As I said earlier I am 17 and I am the captain for my football team. I usually try and Deescalate situations that seem to be getting out of hand. I also have worked over 10 different jobs since I was 15 not because I was fired or let go mainly to build up my resume and to have experience in working multiple different fields of work. The main reason I wanted to widen my different fields of work is because when I apply for a job after college I would have a better chance to get in because of my wide range experience.

Why should we trust you? (Minimum 1 paragraph [5 full sentences]): Why you should trust me, well when it comes down to the community I have only been in high management positions. I was trusted in the past and I do not see the reason on why I would not be trusted once more. Also on other servers such as Defcon I was trusted enough to be offered the position of Head Admin when it was reintroduced. I am also trusted enough for Cameron to entrust me with the start up of Narcos before I left the server and gaming in general. Finally I should be trusted because I was a head discord admin on the discord before the role was removed.

What do you have to offer? (Be descriptive):
Well I offer a lot for example I created Both the Main discord and the Police RP discord, I am also very good at the deescalation of situations as I said before. I also know how to use discord very well (as it is not that hard) reason I say this is because I set up the bots as well in both of the main Crix discords.

Recommendations From Administrators (Include proof; Admins must verify on the app):


Community Manager

Staff member
Community Manager of Administration
Contact me for an interview

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